Just how do homeless girls cope with their Periods?#ChokoraCulture

Heartbreaking… Heart- Wretching to say the least… I hope it touches you as well… We all can do something at our own capacities

Chokora Culture

I think the Hardest part about been Homeless, is been a Woman!

We live in a world where Sanitaryware is still referred to as a “Non-essential”, “Luxurious” item. Therefore, Pads, Tampons or any other Feminine hygiene product can never be given out for free like Condoms would. The price of these items is honestly so ridiculous and all attempts to get the Government to eliminate the VAT Tax on some of the products have always been shut down.

To add to that, talking about Menstruation and Feminine hygiene is still considered a Taboo Topic! Mention the word Periods and you will notice people get uncomfortable as their faces Turn Red.

How bizarre that in 2018, the normal menstruation process still makes grown adults Squeamy.

There have been a number of people and organizations in the country that have played their part; donating clothes and foodstuff to the homeless. Unfortunately, feminine hygiene products are rarely donated.

The fact that…

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Matatu Musings: Day Of Noogle Death — Gustochronicles

You’re have not been in a matatu, seated comfortably on one of those matatu seats, pondering about your next girl after dumping your previous one over an alleged text from Safaricom. The text, she said, had sexual innuendos and she was wondering you nowadays are having sex even with your […] The post Matatu Musings:… via... Continue Reading →

Hapo Zamani

Hadithi Hadithi

If you know anything about music. You’ve heard of Aaliyah. A sweet sweet songstress who blessed our world in the early 2000s with her music. She passed at 22 leaving us a rich legacy of all things music. What is particularly interesting is her last record. Which was released after she passed. She recorded it but never released it. She thought it was boring. The song, “miss you,” starts off by breaking my heart where she sings….

              It’s been so long and I’m lost without you
             What am I gonna do?
             Said I been needing you…
             Is your heart still mine?
             I miiiiiss you!

The song feels almost similar to a funeral dirge with an upbeat beat. It feels apt to play it today, in my head at-least. I am seated on one of those dark grey City Council benches. In a garden along Lang’ata…

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Bachelor Dens

Thi one’s for y’all bachelors who think a man equals the number of women he can brag about having slept with

Dennis Peters

You stand there when the storm comes. You smile at her. You make promises of assurance. She calms down. You look at her and see the green in her eyes, and you set your camp on her conscious.

In your solitude, your blankets rise in your bachelor den every morning and you wish you had your palm on naked skin that is not your own. You choose her skin and you say it is love.

So, you corner her to leaving the natural warm love of her home and she obliges. Now she puts her head on your chest every night and you put your hand on her bum. You pinch it like a loaf of bread, and you happen to think that she likes it. Look at what you are about to do with your own hands…

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When A Man Cries

Hadithi Hadithi

The black car snaked it’s way quickly up the tree lined driveway. It was eerily calm outside. There were no birds chirping in the night, no sounds of humans going about their lives. It was the calm just after a major storm. It was his first time in a Mercedes… the new edition. You could smell the richness of the tapestry. The leather gently massaging your back and neck. Almost as if to say, “Sorry Sir, you had such a difficult day.” And the things the inbuilt massager did to your ass…. heavenly.

He however felt none of these things. His mind was miles away. His gaze looking longingly at the stars above. Almost as if his eyes were searching for something. The eyes of God perhaps. His heart uneasy, his breath labored. Breathing was a constant battle between his heart and lungs. One wanting to give up and end…

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Village Weddings and Food Strategies — Gustochronicles

They say you can get a villager from the village. But the village from the villager, that’s a different issue altogether. Meet Kiarie. Village weddings, Kwa Nguku village, Nakuru County. Back in the village, it’s the rice that matters in wedding ceremonies. What else do you gain from weddings? The […] The post Village Weddings… via... Continue Reading →

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